Member Brand Guidelines 

As part of the VetPartners public relations initiative we encourage members to become brand ambassadors for the organization. How can you do that?  

First, read through the Member Brand Guide to get a better sense of the messaging we want to put out there, and begin using this language when talking about VetPartners with colleagues and clients.

Second, add the VetPartners Member Logo to your website, collateral materials and presentation visuals to show that you are a proud member of our organization.  Please be sure to adhere to the logo use guidelines as outlined in the Member Brand Guide.

Members must also agree to the following  terms and conditions before downloading the logo via the link at the page:
  • The logo may be used to identify yourself as a member of VetPartners. It may be used on websites, signage, brochures, presentation slide and other publicity materials. The logo may not be used on promotional merchandise.
  • The logo may link only to the VetPartners website home page. You may not use it to link to other pages on your website or any other websites.
  • The logo must always be at least 1.625 inches when displaying in print or on screen.
  • The logo must always be used in its entirety and may not be altered in any way, including proportion, color, element, type, etc. You may not animate, morph or in any other way distort the appearance of the logo.
  • Use of the VetPartners logo by members shall not in any way imply the VetPartners endorsement, sponsorship, or approval of members beyond the basic criteria for membership. The logo shall not be used in a way that implies VetPartners sponsorship or endorsement of members’ products or services.
  • The logo may not be used in connection with any disparaging statements about VetPartners or statements that otherwise reflect poorly on VetPartners.
  • The logo may not be used on any website that is in violation of any applicable laws or governmental regulations.
  • VetPartners reserves the right to disallow any use of the logo.
  • All unauthorized use of the logo may result in legal action.

We rely on your good judgment and discretion when utilizing the VetPartners logo, and thank you for helping to promote the organization. If you have any questions regarding them, please contact the VetPartners Administrator at

Download the Member Logo

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