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Resources for Students

VetPartners believes in developing students to become personally, professionally and financially successful veterinary practice team members.

Mentorship Toolkit

The Mentorship Toolkit was developed in response to the current economic environment in the veterinary profession. It contains resources and support for a revised, detailed mentorship program to help associate veterinarians contribute, both financially and medically, to their new team. It also provides an outline that both mentees and mentors can utilize when developing effective and successful relationships, which will aid in the on-boarding of new associates and interns.  It can also be used for Self-Evaluation by students.  For more information, visit http://mentorship.aaha.org/About.aspx

Professional Success Articles

a.      Appreciative Inquiry article
b.     Call Backs article
c.      Communicating Medical Information to Clients article
d.      Communication Gone Wrong article
e.       Communication in Conflict article
f.       Estimates article
g.      Ethics in Veterinary Medicine article
h.       Politics in the Practice article
i.        Statistics for Students article
j.       Wellness Wallet Cards
k.       What About Wellness? article

Personal Success Articles
a.      Work-Life Balance Reading List
b.      Personal and Professional Success Reading List 
c.       How to Influence Up article
d.       How You Act in Conflict article
e.       Emotional Intelligence Exercise
f.        Increase Your Collaborative Influence article
g.       Standing up for Yourself/Working for Change article

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